Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the inabilities of humans to involve in then intercourse. If we search for the cause then we may not get the exact issues and the age of occurrence. Actually, this is a time-to-time issue. But mostly this will be the problem that the human find when they feel more stress and less confidence. Erection issue is not only affecting personal life but this is one the serious issues that may affect the heart too. Hence need to concern more. Is there any treatment for this? Yes of course the medical world found many ED treatments. In this article let us see some of the used ED treatments briefly.

Drug-Based: Many people are affected by erection dysfunction. That too if we look at the Americans then around thirty million people are affected by this. Initially, tablet-based (Drug) treatment is the first line of treatment. The success rate in this is around eighty percent. This drug-based treatment is also approved by the FDA. Apart from this ED treatment, there is some FDA-approved treatment that is used by people.

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Injections: This is one of the immediate and direct treatments for ED. The medicine will be directly injected into the private part and that will trigger the automated erection of the concern. This is one of the best FDA-approved treatments that can be most suitable for people who could not take oral medicine. With this, a man can get nearly four hours of erection. Also, this may cause some side effects.

Shock wave treatment: This is one of the modern-day treatments for ED. In which the low-intensity sound waves will be used to stimulate blood circulation hence the automated erection will achieve. This is one of the non-invasive treatments where no side effects will occur upon usage. This treatment is also approved by the FDA.